Hey, dad! Do you remember?

Just returned from a week “down the shore.” It is so cool making happy memories with my wife and our boys. We have silly traditions, like rolling down the windows and shouting “LBI” (Long Beach Island) when we drive over the bridge to the island;  getting ice cream on the beach on Sundays only–even though they still manage to have it everyday anyway; going to Fantasy Island Amusement Park for the Friday Special; trying to win ANOTHER stuffed animal from the grabbity-grab game at the arcade. These memories are inspired and wonderful–traditions I hope to continue for many years.

Yet, there are tiny moments that also melt my heart. Today, at the water slide, Owen (7) excitedly asked the man at the counter for a double tube, because “I’m going to ride down with my dad!” And yesterday, at the Amusement Park, I won both boys stuffed animals at the water gun balloon pop game. Now, I am not deft at many things, but don’t mess with me and the water gun balloon pop game. (Meanwhile, I felt guilty standing next to a bunch of four-year olds and thinking “Don’t waste your time. I’m about to kick your butt!”) But to hear my guys come home and tell their grandparents: “Daddy won us these on the water balloon thing. HE is the best at that!” So good he beat six other competitors whose ages added together still don’t equal his. But I don’t care. They think I’m the best. How cool.

The quote of the week, though, goes to Hayden, my 6 year-old.  During one of our many hours in the ocean, the boys and I got throttled by a wave. As we all resurfaced, Hayden says, “Hey, dad! Do you remember FIVE SECONDS AGO TODAY, when that wave came crashing down on us?”  Lets see…Five seconds ago…oh yeah, I remember! “Yeah, buddy, I remember.”  And I hope to always remember.  “Pretty awesome, huh, dad?” “Yeah, Hayd, pretty awesome.” You have no idea how awesome.

Memories like this, I hope I’ll never forget!

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  1. If it’s a contest there has to be a winner. It might as well be me. At my son’s soccer practice they had the parents run winds sprints against the kids. I didn’t even consider holding back.


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