Day: August 28, 2012

Portrait of an Artist as a Weird Man: Number 2

Portrait of an Artist as a Weird Man #2

My son, Hayden (age 5 at the time), drew this picture in kindergarten last year. Along with it, he wrote: “In the spring, I go to the park. The park is fun. I go with dad and Owen.” My first reaction when I saw this was, “Yes! My sons are writing about the happy childhood I am trying to give them:)” However, then my neuroses kicks in, and I think: “Where the hell is my face? I take him to the park, and he doesn’t even have the courtesy to fit my whole head in the picture. And why do the kids look like killer zombies? Is this a window into his psyche? Wait. What the…Oh my God, I’m not wearing pants!!”

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