Siri can you hear me?

My wife got a new Iphone this weekend, and it’s the first time we have Siri. The boys have been so enthralled with her, and they keep wanting to chat her up. Hayden (6) has been especially taken by this modern-day muse. Poor guy can’t really say his “r’s” yet, so he and Siri get a little frustrated as there are quite a few failed attempts. But it has provided us with some comic relief as we bunker down for Hurricane Sandy. The following are Hayden’s top 5 inquiries for Siri:

1. When is my birthday?

2. Where are all of the McDonald’s in the world?

3. Where is Easter Island?*

4. Why are my mom and dad such Kooks?

5. How did God come to life? **

*When I asked Hayden how he knew there was a place called Easter Island, his brother Owen piped in, “Dad, you don’t know everything about us.” Point taken, smart alec.

**From the time he was three, Hayden has been somewhat obsessed with this last question. He wants to know how everything comes to life. When we tried the old stand-by answer, “God”, we thought we were in the clear. Not so. Now, he insists on asking us how God came to life.  God, a little help here. Siri’s response: “I eschew theological disquisition.” Smart cookie to stay away from that one!

Siri, how cute is this little guy?

One comment

  1. You have 2 smart and very cool boys. I bet your world is always fun, filled with adventure and discovery. I don’t have an iPhone 4S yet but I heard the Suri feature is awesome. Kids dig it. I bet my son would act in a similar way. Great post. best wishes to you and your family.


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