My wife, Pam, is away. I’m putting the boys to bed and just get them settled in their rooms. I’m sitting in the hallway with a book by the nightlight while they fall asleep. Hayden (6) says, “What does XOXO mean again?” “Hugs and Kisses” I say. “Which is which?” “X is a hug, O is a kiss”, I say, on no particular authority. A few minutes pass. I think they’re asleep. Owen (8) pipes in, “What’s sex?” My eyes shoot up from my book, panic-stricken. Why is he asking about sex? What the hell have they been watching? What should I do? Pam’s away! Should I be honest about it? I take a breath, about to say, “Sex is something that mommies and daddies do when…” Just then, Hayden yells from his bedroom, “X is a hug, Owen.” “Oh, right,” Owen yells back from his bed. I exhale a sigh of relief. X is a hug. X is a hug. “Goodnight you two!” I say, relieved. “Goodnight!” they reply innocently.

These two goofs are definitely not ready to talk birds and bees.

photo (11)


  1. cute
    story!! “x” is the kiss (two people crossing lips) and “O” is the hug (arms around each other to form a circle)


    1. I used to think it was the opposite. Two (X) arms crossing was hugging, and round (O) lips was the kissing. But then my wife set me straight. Had to agree with her if I wanted to get more X’s & O’s !! ; )


  2. I think the x is kiss because it is shaped like two people kissing and the hug is an O just like the shape of a hug, You almost blew it!!!


  3. it’s not too early to start the “sex” talk! Andrew is now 15 and we started early talking about different things. Trust me- they need it! Think of all the kids who start sexually exploring in 6th grade (not something we like to think about, but it happens! and in “good” neighborhoods!) We read a great book called “What’s Going On Down There” – (there was another one before that, but I can’t remember now), but it was great because he was not embarrassed to ask me questions at that age (although sometimes I had to hide my embarrassment at answering them). And of course they have no carnal knowledge at that age, so it really doesn’t mean a lot to them at that time. Anyway, I have some great stories about some of these talks that i’ll have to share with you off the internet 🙂


    1. Right you are! There is no “too soon” for talk on this subject. Childrens interest is always serious and deserves serious answers – however not beyond their questions and not beyond their grasp. The simple question “What is SEX?” could have been answered without any embarassment with “Thats what grown-ups do when they love each other.” And any ensuing question would be finalized with “XOXO”.


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