Santa’s Little Helpers

This weekend we went to a Christmas Tree Farm for the first time to cut down our tree. We’ve been using a fake one for the past several years (I know, scandalous, right?).  But this year we wanted the boys to have a real outdoor adventure. The farm was awesome. We took a horse-drawn cart out to the fields, where we were given saws to cut down the tree of our choice. Even before we stepped foot on the ground, Owen says, “Can we do this again next year?” That’s always a good sign:)

It was a great way to kick off the holiday season. Here’s to starting new Christmas traditions.


photo (15)

photo (14)


  1. Brought back memories of when we went to Blue Mountain (above Hamburg) to chop our Christmas tree.
    Blue Bell and Blue Ball, I know the tavern in Blue Ball was torn down, does the tavern in Blue Bell still exist ?? Day trips for the boys…take route 30 from the Reading Station west to Pittsburgh (the only Burg in PA with an H on the end, because Pitt refused to go along with a standardizing PA law) … The Taverns with picture names because in 1770 most people were illiterate will occur every 5 to 10 miles, the distance horses could pull a stage coach before they needed to be rested, feed or changed out. Lancaster and Gettysburg are stops that could take many weekends and you would still not see everything.
    Miss the culture and history but not the weather.
    Love, hugs and prayers..ME and the Boss


    1. The Blue Bell Tavern IS still there–we live right down the street. Small world. You are a wealth of information. Great to read this history. I have been to Lancaster many times, as I have relatives there. But never to Pittsburgh or Gettysburg. I will put these destinations on our list. Thanks!


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