It’s All My Teacher’s Fault

Good news! My first book was picked up! Okay, it was picked up by me–a couple weeks ago. I found it buried in a box of memorabilia while I was looking for Christmas decorations–you know how one box leads you to another, then another, and then you’re looking at crap from forty years ago that has nothing to do with decorating a Christmas tree? Yeah, me neither. Anyhow…I found this book I wrote in third grade–1978!! During that year, my dad had a massive heart attack and my grandmother on my mother’s side died of cancer. It was a very dark year in the Trainer household. And, as I recall, my teacher, Mrs. Deturo, had me meet with the guidance counselor, Mrs. Brent, who encouraged me to write about the experience–express my feelings through writing. The result is the masterpiece that has been digitally remastered for your viewing pleasure below on this very website. So, without further ado, I present to you Nine is Enough.

photo (13)photo (12)photo (11)photo (10)photo (9)photo (8)photo (7)photo (6)photo (5)photo (4)photo (3)photo (2)photoFirst, let me say that this particular brick contact paper used to cover the book was limited edition–sold exclusively at Grants before their closing in ’76. And, don’t worry, I may be trying my hand at writing, but I promise I will never publish my own illustrated book–my gosh–look at those scenes from the story (I find the “Schools” one particularly compelling).

Yet, as I read over this story, I realize that perhaps the seeds were planted in me at a very young age to write about my experiences–to process my thoughts and feelings through writing. A teacher took the time to care about me and have me talk about my issues with another educational professional. I am lucky to have had these people in my life. And, in some respects, I feel I have been drafting the second book in my head ever since.


  1. Great post – thank you for sharing your precious book from a difficult time. I’m sorry for the loss you suffered so early in life. However, everything that happens brings us to be who we are today. Take good care.


    1. “There are no accidents” as they say. I believe that everything life hands has has a lesson–I’m just trying to learn the most I can from the past. Thank you for reading!


  2. Amazing how much of an impact one individual, one suggestion, can have in a life. So glad you shared this book and can’t wait to see what your second book turns out to be!


  3. really precious… you where a deep thinker then as you are now. I particularly like the picture of your dad in hospital. It looks like his heart is just outside his body.
    On another note: what about the ending of Homelands? We think Sol is behind the whole thing… any thoughts….


    1. So much of who we are is already a part of us at a young age–I am beginning to think we grow into ourselves.

      As for Homeland, I love Sol–it can’t be…but now that you mention it… Could his wife be in on it, too?


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