Go home and see your mother!

Going_and_ComingAs a little boy, I remember visiting my dad’s mom every Mother’s Day. My mom’s mom probably came to visit us at our house, but everyone went to see Nana–she did not usually come to you. The ride there was always quick, as she only lived two towns over, so it was usually pleasant, especially at this time of year. The trees would be dripping with flowers, and the sickening sweet smells of lilacs and honeysuckle would intoxicate the air.

On one occasion, I remember my dad was in a very playful mood. We passed a few country clubs on the road, and there were always golfers on the greens. Well, this Mother’s Day, my dad rolled down the window and yelled out to these men “Go home and see your mother!” All eight passengers who were crammed in the car thought this was hilarious. Since dad did this after passing golf course number one, us seven kids asked if we could yell it out as we drove by the second course. He agreed. We were ecstatic with excitement

“On the count of three. One. Two. Three. GO HOME AND SEE YOUR MOTHER!” Seven children clamoring out the windows to shame these golfers for not spending Mother’s Day with wives and mothers. Shame, shame, shame! Some looked up, I’m sure, but I remember being too afraid to actually seek a reaction–I thought I was cool just shouting this out the window–to a bunch of adults, no less.

I recalled this memory yesterday, when I passed a beautiful golf course at the height of Spring. It is such a fleeting moment, but it is one of the sweeter, unencumbered memories I have. Until I was a teenager, whenever I went to visit my Nana, whether with the whole family or just my dad, I would usually roll down my window and shout this phrase as we drove by any golfers. It didn’t matter the time of year or the season, I just loved shouting these words to golfers: “Go home and see your mother!” Nothing like some good old Irish guilt to pass around.

So, on this day where Americans celebrate mom, I hope that you were able to enjoy your family, especially those mothers in your lives. And if your mother happens to be far away or has passed on, I hope that you are comforted with happy memories of home, and of her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who read this blog, especially my wife, Pam. Our boys are very lucky to know your love. And to my own mom. Thanks for your love and support.


  1. You made me laugh because eveytime I go by my stepdads cemetary I blow the horn. He died last year and the cemetary is right around the corner from my mom’s house. Saturday when I was driving mom up town and blew the horn she laughed and was wondering what her neighbor Dorothy thought about all the horn blowing.


  2. What a great memory Michael – and I think you and your dad may have started something! I shall pass this one on to my kids – who knows where it will end?


  3. Wonderful family memories. Got me thinking of my mom, me as a mom and my daughters and the wonderful moms they have become.. Let’s continue to make lasting memories.


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