Off, Huck!

photo (18)

This is our new puppy, Huckleberry. See Huck leap, run, fetch, sleep, eat, bite, chew and, of course, jump up on everything! See our sons try to “help” my wife and me train our newest family member. See them try to stop Huck from jumping up on them, the counter, the bed, the couch, the dinner table. Hear the boys yell “Off, Huck!” over and over again. Now say “Off, Huck” real fast, as if you were six and didn’t know what a comma was yet. “Off, Huck!” “Off Huck!” OffHuck!” “AwwF*ck!”  Uh oh.


  1. Uh oh indeed! Reminds me of when my son was two and would scream out at the top of his lungs “*uck!” every time he saw one in the street. The disapproving stares! Thanks for the giggle.


    1. I won’t even type the word that it sounded like Hayden was saying when he used to be into Thomas the Train and talk about the engine “Percy”. Hope all is well on your end of the world.


  2. Hopefully the pup won’t end up thinking that is his name. I know a cat named Katiedid because any sentence about or to her started Katie did This, Katie did That, Katie did you ….. Katiedid.


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