Day: July 13, 2013

Why Fatherhood Matters

Excellent essay from Stephen Marche in latest Esquire. What really captivated me was this insight:

As the patriarchy is slowly dying, as masculinity continues to undergo a constant process of redefinition, fatherhood has never mattered more. Having children has always been a major life marker, of course, but the demise of other markers of masculine identity has given fatherhood outsize importance. The old religious rituals gave way long ago. The post-dynamic-capitalism of the moment has taken away the replacement methods of proving yourself. Making a living is principally a sign of good luck. Owning property is a sign of your parents’ status more than it is your own. Combat itself is now gender-neutral. Only fatherhood is indisputably masculine, which is why when you ask men when they became men, they usually answer when they became a father or lost a father.

Do yourself a favor, and read the rest of the article. Ladies, don’t skip this one–it really conveys so much of what men are thinking and struggling with, particularly in the modern world.

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