Coffee Break Discussion Presents “Happily Ever After” A film by Yonni Aroussi & Ben Genislaw

I have never reblogged anything, but this short film is worth six minutes of your time: brilliant, poignant, real and ultimately hopeful.


      1. I feel like because we get so caught up in “life” that it’s hard for us, as humans, to consistently be thankful for what we have and not fall into the humdrum of routine.

        Sad, really.


  1. Thank You for reblogging!

    American Male “be part of the narrative” objective is to encourage self-reflection. The “be part of the narrative” goal is to encourage the importance of identifying each constituent part of whom you are for the development of a healthier relationship with yourself and deeper connections with others.

    This film was selected because it is a reminder of this goal. Thank you for viewing! Thank You for sharing! Most importantly thank you for talking a moment to reflect on the messages that are layered throughout this short film. Remember to be kind to yourself and a blessing to others.

    Best regards,

    American Male “be part of the narrative”


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