Now Apologize!…To Yourself

I just found this gem when I was cleaning out the mail cubby. Back in the fall, our second grader, Hayden, was sent home with a note from the principal. Seems he had pulled his pants down during lunch to show his friends his new Star Wars underwear (so he says). As part of his punishment, we made him write apology notes to the lunch lady, his teacher, and his friends at the lunch table. That night, as I went to collect the notes and put them in his backpack, I found this:

photo (47)

Once again, seeing things through the eyes of a child is so enlightening. When’s the last time you said sorry to yourself? I don’t think I ever have. Never too late to start, though.

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  1. That is adorable! It is a bit of a shame when you have awesome Star Wars underwear, but none of your friemds get to see it. 😉

    I know I have to learn to give myself a break sometimes. I am tough on myself, inside my head. Maybe Hayden coukd teach me a thing or two about maturity and forgiveness.


    1. I hear you, JR. We could all learn more about how to approach life from children–they are not corrupted yet. I am tough on myself as well. We could all use a little more forgiveness. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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