Day: February 28, 2014

The President Left Me a Voicemail!

If you’d like to hear the message, please click on this link: A Message from The President .

Did you listen? Is it the president? Does he really want rice pudding? Does he really think I have one million dollars?

For those of you who couldn’t access the clip, it said: “Hello? Where’s the rice pudding? And this is the president. And I need one million bucks. Actually, this is Owen. Okay, bye.”


Don’t worry. Dadicus has not gone crazy here. I just had to share this voice mail message my son, Owen, left me. It made me laugh out loud. I mean crack up. And I know you probably don’t find it as funny as I do, but I think we all could afford to laugh more.

I’ve gotten in a habit of leaving the boys in the house doing their homework while I take the dogs for a walk–please don’t tell me if that is legal or not, I’d like to claim ignorance. Amazingly, it has worked out quite well. And I have my phone for emergencies–like when they can’t find the rice pudding!

I heard this message the other day while I was freezing in the fields behind our house. I was panicked that I missed a call, and worried they really needed me. Much to my amusement, it was this gem that I heard–this example of how playful and simple life can be, even when we think we’re too busy to notice. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. President.

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He’s got my vote.