The President Left Me a Voicemail!

If you’d like to hear the message, please click on this link: A Message from The President .

Did you listen? Is it the president? Does he really want rice pudding? Does he really think I have one million dollars?

For those of you who couldn’t access the clip, it said: “Hello? Where’s the rice pudding? And this is the president. And I need one million bucks. Actually, this is Owen. Okay, bye.”


Don’t worry. Dadicus has not gone crazy here. I just had to share this voice mail message my son, Owen, left me. It made me laugh out loud. I mean crack up. And I know you probably don’t find it as funny as I do, but I think we all could afford to laugh more.

I’ve gotten in a habit of leaving the boys in the house doing their homework while I take the dogs for a walk–please don’t tell me if that is legal or not, I’d like to claim ignorance. Amazingly, it has worked out quite well. And I have my phone for emergencies–like when they can’t find the rice pudding!

I heard this message the other day while I was freezing in the fields behind our house. I was panicked that I missed a call, and worried they really needed me. Much to my amusement, it was this gem that I heard–this example of how playful and simple life can be, even when we think we’re too busy to notice. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. President.

photo (47)

He’s got my vote.


  1. I LOVE this. Moments like these are what life is really all about (despite what the Hokey Pokey people would have you think). A true gem in so many ways: 1) that your son has that sense of humor, 2) that you actually keep rice pudding available and 3) that you have the presence of mind in life to recognize the importance of these moments. Well done, Dad (and Owen!) 😉


    1. Thanks, Ned. Since you’re one of the funniest guys in the blogosphere I take that as a high compliment. I want my boys to have a good sense of humor–you need it in life, right? If you’re ever in our area, stop by for some rice pudding:)


      1. A sense of humor is definitely a must on the “Life-Survival Check List.” As for you and Owen:
        And rice pudding is my absolute favorite, so given the chance I will take you up on that offer 😉


      1. Yes. I still want to hear Owen’s message though. When I figure out why SoundCloud sound wasn’t on. 😀


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